Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy (Belated) New Year!

As I very well know we are almost two weeks into the New Year. It's crazy how time flies. Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that CSN Stores had approached me with another opportunity? Well, that opportunity was a product review! I was actually able to order two products this time, but I'll just review one of them today. And that product is....a 9x5 Circulon Loaf Pan. And it's beautiful. I ordered it for a very similar reason that I ordered my baking sheets. The only loaf pans I owned were flimsy, cheap aluminum ones. It was definitely time for an upgrade. But recipe would I use to break in my new loaf pan?

Well, as I so courteously bragged, I received a KitchenAid stand mixer for Christmas and I had been itching to try the dough hook it came with. And for some reason, the idea of cinnamon bread kept invading my brain. I found a perfect recipe while lurking Food Gawker. Now, as it was my first time making this recipe I did not make any modifications or adjustments other than using almond milk instead of regular milk.

My loaf pan worked perfectly, turning out a wonderful loaf of bread. I definitely recommend this recipe and the loaf pan. It was a little bit of work, and a whole lot of waiting for the bread to rise, but it was so worth it. My whole apartment smelled like cinnamon. It was wonderful. The bread was soft, sweet, and basically perfect. Straight up, smeared with a little butter, toasted, whatever. Just make some. And thanks again, CSN!

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