About Me

Hi, I'm Blake and I like to bake.  I've been vegan since August of 2012 and vegetarian for 3+ years before that.  I'm a first year M.A. student in sociology.  My primary research interests are the sociology of food and consumer culture.  Basically, food is my life.  So much so that I plan to have an academic career in food studies. 

But beyond studying food in an academic setting I really like to eat!  And cook.  And bake.  So this blog charts my adventures in the kitchen as well as all of the great food I've had while traveling.  Whether your looking to up the amount of meatless meals you eat, if you're a vegan like me, or if you just like food this blog is for you.  I hope you'll take a look around and find some easy, affordable, and tasty meals to make at home.

Feel free to contact me anytime at blakebakesfl@gmail.com

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